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To Live or not to Live?

Since man settled and organized himself to live in community, that felt the need to standardize behaviors and create common values to live in harmony and social cohesion. For this purpose social institutions and religions were established to promote and protect these values.
Every time time a behavior is modified it implies directly or indirectly a value change.

Considering that a value is part of people's cultural identification, countering a value triggers resistance and  even violent reactions.
Society and its institutions defend fiercely their old traditional values to preserve what defines them as society, what unites them, their culture, their normality, what they understand as truth, how they perceive reality - the familiar.

For that reason, issues like Euthanasia, Death Penalty, Suicide, and Abortion are so controversial around the world.

But wasn't change that brought us better medicine, better social and working conditions, technologies like electricity?

The main issue is that certain procedures or behaviors are not only contradicting the values imposed by the society, but apparently are also against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which defends Life.
However, isn't infringing the right of freedom of choice (also advocated in the Declaration) not allowing an individual to make decisions about his own life, without affecting third parties?

Me, I agree with the life and the death that each person chooses for themselves.

Therefore, the Death Penalty procedure goes strictly against what I believe. How many innocents have been executed in the hand of their justice’s executioner?!

I can understand the government's intention that wants to instil fear to possible criminals and to use the damned as an example, as discouragement method.
But isn’t it of an extreme cruel nature? Are we the good guys cause we kill the bad guys? Is this the justice we are seeking? Kill to apply justice, isn’t killing too?

How many times was the death penalty used to serve political and economic interests?!

Doesn’t Death Penalty discriminate rich from poor?

Isn't it a tempting tool for our corrupt leaders?

Are the moral values of the society and its laws sufficient to distinguish what is or is not a crime? In some countries of Africa and Asia, being a homosexual is punishable by Death Penalty!
Not long ago the Holy Inquisition sentenced to death millions of people for practicing other religions, formulating scientific theories and others.
Currently, in the majority of the countries, these crimes are no longer considered crimes. Today is considered crime kill people for these reasons.

Unfortunately, the justice has several ways of being interpreted and applied..

Anyway isn't the Death Penalty, a violation of all the human rights?!

Isn't it a primitive measure to solve the crime?

Surely I am not academically the most appropriate person to present an alternative, but as a citizen of the world, I believe that the solution to lower criminality numbers is to improve people's living conditions, investing in education, training, providing jobs, better salaries, integration in society. A person that lives a decent life, hardly will commit offences.

As we are learning that is not correct to educate with violence, we must realize that we cannot re-educate with death. The violence in children’s education only teaches them that they have to be submissive because the disobedience hurts, and that the stronger is who makes the rules.
What would we be saying to our children by agreeing with the Death Penalty? Probably that if it's for a good reason, you can kill.

Every human being criminal or not, shouldn't have the right to die their own death? It's still a human being, right?

Though, some people consider taking someone life the fairer punishment ( death penalty), they oppose to a  person to take their own live, through suicide or assisted suicide (euthanasia). Because they defend life!!?
What hypocrisy! One can decide that other had an action that justifies his death, but the person himself can't decide it.

The human being seeks instinctively and intrinsically for survival. When a human being seeks death, his way of life must be really miserable, painful and unbearable. Granting it, we are being merciful, sensitive, and empathetic.
A person who asks to die because of his poor health condition, is suffering immensely. Life is our most precious commodity, but health is our essential source. Without health life becomes painful, Not everyone can stop live to exist... Not everyone can live like dead.. for long...
Our freedom, our life, like this, is, after all, artificial...

Are we really helping this person? Whom are we thinking of? How are we benefiting this person? Forcing him to suffer his disease? Prolonging their physical and psychological pain? Extending the suffering of the relatives? Are we really thinking in what is the best for that person? Or aren't we thinking in the conservation of our values?

Anyway, why do we think we can decide for others life? Why we think we know what is best for a stranger?

Another issue that comes across is the professional ethics. The health professionals’ ethics code forbids any act that threatens life. But don't they make Euthanasia every time they decide to, for example: to turn off the button that feeds a patient. The patient died because was taken out a mean of survival. What name is given to this? Isn't this Euthanasia? Evidently not! Must be, again, hypocrisy!

All laws and rules are interpreted and circumvented according convenience. How much longer we want to keep our eyes closed?

As capitalists that we are, can’t we see the unnecessary expenses with a person that, after all, do not want to live?

For me, the Euthanasia is the right to decide about our own death, the right to live with dignity, and to not live our death while still alive.

Yet, the Suicide has, apparently no specific reason, but still, it is a decision that only concerns to the person herself. "Committing Suicide, according to Durkheim, is the death resulting directly or indirectly from a positive or negative act of the victim herself that knows what result it will produce."

How many times, how many of us did not thought of committing suicide ... I raise my hand ... seems to be a side effect of life in more developed countries .. maybe people cannot stand anymore the competition to be the best; the hard continuous evaluation of their actions and behaviors; the pressure to be perfect and successful; the daily stress; their mechanized lives; maybe they are tired of  keep up appearances; maybe they feel themselves a failure, for not achieving the objectives “imposed” by the society; maybe they felt disappointed by the expectations of all that false equal opportunities of rights and duties created by the system.
Sometimes it can be a heartbreak..

Whatever it is, It reflects the deep dissatisfaction of the people with the system that was created for them. They lost their joy somewhere between one of the steps so well structured by our parents, by our government, by our church, by the scholars, by the powerful of our society, of our world.

They program us to do all the same things, to have the same aspirations, the same standards of clothing, to have the same needs, the same behaviors, the same thoughts ... they even tell us how to be happy.  All this to make us perfect and functional parts for the machine ... The machine must keep working ..

But sometimes the program they gave us has flaws during our socialization process and people feel suffocated, lost in their robotic life ... Get scared with the direction their lives took, with the decisions they made ... after all, why have I been aggressively fighting all those years? Blindly ..For what? What have I  became?
And then, what the health specialists do? Try to update the program or restart! If it doesn’t work, a good dose of antidepressants will set a long internal hibernation. Power off..

We have created the society to serve our interests, but our greed and ambition made us prisoners and victims of it.

Do not judge who is suicidal, do not judge who killed himself for feeling a failure.
It was you who instilled that was ok for him to live beyond his means;
It was you who lent him the money,
it was you who convinced him that it is necessary to look certain way and have certain things be prestigious;
It was you who persuaded him that prestige is necessary to be successful;
it was you that made him believe that he would be happier buying stuff;
it was you who took his job;
it was you who made him feel ashamed for failing to pay his bills
It was you who made him feel a failure for being unemployed.
You deceived him, lured him and made him vulnerable. You didn’t fulfill your promises ..
..We all contributed to his death .. we are all guilt in people suicides. Our lives are interconnected, all our actions have consequences in each other..

It’s the society that creates needs and deprives them from it.. that creates mechanisms that doesn’t work.

The major disease of the XX century it is not AIDS or cancer, is the invisible pain, the depression. It is one of the leading causes of death. How many people hide their pain behind their smiling masks?

Some say who commit suicide are people less educated, but among the geniuses and the most creative people, the suicide rate is much higher than among the population in general: Van Gogh, Tchaikovsky, John Berryman, Camilo Castelo Branco, Ernest Hemingway among others. In addition the developed countries of Eastern Europe, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavian countries are the ones with more percentages of suicides.

Some argue that suicide is an unexpected and sudden act but "in most cases, suicide is something planned - the person builds a plan, sets a date, defines a method and thinks that possibility over a while before taking a final decision "

In the majority of the countries, the law doesn’t enshrine the right to suicide. The citizen has no right to dispose of his own life.

For me, I can only hope that my mind doesn’t trick me, to not let me contaminated by the capitalist marketing, to not make me believe that I need objects to be happy, to no make believe that I need to look a certain way, to not let me feel frustrated for not having it and consequently not being able to create an image of ostentation and success so everybody can admire and covet. I also hope, to never lose hope in the people.

Of course, if we want to determine when, how and why others can die, of course, we also would want to decide when others can or not have babies.

So let's use the emotional and moral blackmail to achieve it, making them feel criminals for killing a way of life.

How many forms of life we kill daily: poor chickens, cows, ants. Ah! OK! Human life. Of course, human life is more valuable than all other forms of life. So I am an assassin for killing an organism, which is not even a fetus, but it’s ok to use everyone ‘s money (taxes) to purchase weapons, to train people to kill others (these fully formed!). Won’t they feel more pain than an organism? I can build nuclear weapons and kill thousands but not an organism?

"What is the difference between a serial killer that select a profile to systematically murder and a soldier, that does the same thing? Political, economic and cultural interests. However, the second one has a choice. "

Life is so precious in one context, but is no longer in other. Life is not life? Isn’t it what you are defending? Especially the religion, so fervently. How many crimes were committed in the name of your God, religion? You are not a young lady, aren’t you? You have a long history of blood.. and all for the good of the mankind. To teaches us what is right.

After all, the defenders of life do not defend life above all? So, life is defended dependently of context ..

People use the values ​​as suit them better. They distort it, manipulate it and use it for personal gain, and to strangle the development."(…) For people with different values, the correct is relevant in the universe of their own concepts."

What future is reserved for this new being, unwanted? How is going to be the family that will raised it? Will they have economic conditions? I guess there will be some abuse, especially psychological ... will the new human being feels rejected? Will it feel a hindrance? Will it consequently become a tormented being that will torment unconsciously other beings, but especially his future offspring? People are also the result of their environment ...
Bringing an unwanted being to the world is not to defend this life, but playing a dangerous game - the game of probabilities.

Don’t we have more important issues to solve? Like helping people who are dying and want to live instead of forbidding to die people who want to die? What is our priority? Isn’t to help those who are paying the price of our fantastic capitalist dream? It seems that people from third world countries are invisible ... what will happen if the situation reverses economically? Maybe they won’t also be able to see us?  Aren’t some of these countries emerging?

People think they are doing what is the correct. But the ones that discord also think they are doing what is the correct. We all believe we are doing our best. What is the best for us and for others. How can we know what is the best for strangers?

Why is death a taboo? What is people’s fear? What can change in people's values? That people devalue life and want to die? Or maybe this liberalization leads to killing to being seen more easily? Don’t we do it already? Did not we do it during our war for territory and the affirmation of identity? How many atrocities have been committed in the name of peoples, cultures ?! How much pain! How much blood! ... Is it so important to kill for our cultural identity? We can kill others, but can not others kill themselves? We can kill an adult human being, but we can’t kill an organism? 2000 people die of hunger every minute in the world. We know and we don’t do nothing. What are we? Cruel accomplices? Are we hypocrites or not?

Human hypocrisy is something that really outrages, disgusts, saddens and frightens me.

What I can concluded is that rules and values ​​should not be kept too rigid or it will strangulate natural evolution and it will run over the individual needs.
More than defending positions and values, I defend the right to freedom of each person to make their decisions.

I’m definitely not pro-death. I believe in freedom of choice. Whatever it is, do not let it to be oppressive, cruel and insensitive. No one should be forced to anything, nor to be alive. And above all no one should decide the fate of another person if this doesn’t present harm for others.
In the moment that a person ceases to have the right to decide on his life, he loses his freedom.

Don’t judge others, you never know what is waiting for you and yours. One day can be you facing death penalty, even if you are innocent; one day can be you just depending on a machine to keep you alive, as a vegetal; one day can be you in such terrible situation that you don’t want to be alive to remember it; one day can be you that is pregnant from a mistake or an abuse…

Nature is the only pure thing in this world. Nature truly defends life. Nature kills for defense, for protection, for feeding, for procreation…for survival.
And we are all sons of Nature but we think ourselves superior. We despise our mother and made her our servant, and our other brothers (other animals) our pets.
Our mother sees no difference between her sons and when a new cycle begins we will be all treated as equals. Our mother is sick and when our mother will die, we, all, will die with her. Just then we will understand that she is more important than all our material dreams.


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